26 November 2008

nocturnal admit(tions)

p bang made me do it.

ok. he's not standing here with a water gun to my temple (that will be in a few hours @ QT practice) but yeah, he got all demanding in our telling phone conversation and said I had to share w/ the "group".

so, apparently the internet has a bit of an addictive quality to it. or i have an addictive way about me. either way, i was up (again) until 4am, doing what urgently needed to be done at that hour as opposed to acutally sleeping. One important piece of business was to send a tune to some pbang posse and of course the other was be mesmerized by people dancing their own version of Beyonce's "Single Ladies", enjoy some joyous moments w/ Brak & Keith Jarret actually provided the lullaby before drifting off into sleepyland.

Once inside this magical land, I was had some pretty kooky dreams. I donno if this has ever happened to you guys, but sometimes people who I rarely see in real life AND only know from the internet APPEAR in my dream. But because I really know so little about them, it's just like, their essence. Like i know it's them, but their face is kind of distorted or totally not like those 5 myspace pictures that look like them. So yes, the cast from my pre-bed e-mail appeared in my dream. We were all in New York. I know this because there was a chase scene at one point. Now that I recall, Quel & I were talking back and forth but it was very stilted, because i guess the conversations were like "I talk" then there's a very long pause (as in real life through e-mail) then "You talk". So yeah, and I'm pretty sure I called him by his e-mail name at some point. One of the most vivid scenes was when I was looking out of window watching him & his daughter walk away. She was one cool kid and had a flower-based name : Rosie, Lilli, Daisy... i don't recall.

Anywhoo. This is what I mentioned to Dan B. which promted this posting.

I should prolly go back to bed now. <3!


crazy_dream said...

best story EVER

Moquel said...

Weird/excellent/understandable for these reasons:
1) I emailed you super early NY time, so maybe my email was the last thing you read before bed

2) I often invade people's dreams a la Freddie Quelger in Nightmare on Quelm Street

3) Can you babysit on wednesdsay?

suddenlyshida said...

why thank u crazy_dream(er), happy 2 share.

john cougar quelencamp - a.) actually, *I* e-mailed u right before the time of beds, so that xplains that part. it was in the story u read on the other page

b.) invasions have been outlaw'd in the dreamtime sector of the shidalou galaxy, but you can get a visitors' pass at the front desk. ask for mrs. terwillerger.

texas.) lemme ask my mom.