01 October 2008

What is more amazing, part 2!

I'm a postin' fool tonight, kids!

What is more amazing:

An interactive map showing the red and blue divide of the U.S., with accompanying historical, social, and economic facts that may have influenced political swings


hot chicks with douchebags.

I leave it to you, the voters.




DavesGotTheGun said...

post as often as you want! i check the page more then once a day!

Dan B said...

HCwDB is almost as depressing as politics

Anonymous said...

as a hot chick, i like using douchbags for their cocks and money

Anonymous said...

Which make you not a hot chick.

Scotsman said...

a haiku:

cocks and money cocks
and money cocks and money
cocks and money: chicks

Anonymous said...

Wait, go back. So how does 'using douchebags' make her not a hot chick? Hot chicks do that shit all the time!