14 October 2008

Remember when 'Hello' was a question?

Do you remember? C'mon, you remember...Back in the day, when your phone was a land line that was hooked up to the wall? And it would ring, and you had NO FREAKIN IDEA who was calling you? You'd pick up the phone, say "Hello?" and then just.......wait......to see who it was.....

Man, that was crazy. I have no idea how we all lived that way for SO LONG. I called Audio Angel tonight to discuss Quiet Time, and she blew my mind by doing something that I (personally) NEVER DO.

She did something that was, frankly, reckless.

She heedlessly answered the call, WITHOUT LOOKING AT WHO WAS CALLING.

Double-u. Tee. Eff.

That's just NUTS. What if I was some freak? I mean, like a stupid freak who's annoying? She would have been stuck on the phone with me, instead of being protected by the impenetrable veil of avoidance that is voicemail.

Think about it, Prnkstrs...just think about it. Next time your mobile rings, take a moment to bask in the amazing privilege that us modern humans already take for granted:

Caller ID


eestoneloc... dr.j said...

Is that a family guy coffee mug in the background? Maybe Dilbert?

Moquel said...


You're right, it doesn't have a ring anymore.

I'm going with Dilbert.

Moquel said...

PS- the voicemail article is nize