29 October 2008

Obama on Hip Hop


CAMS said...

word up.

Dan B said...

"Art can't just be a rearview mirror"

F'n brilliant.

Also notable: possibly the first recorded instance of a major-party candidate for the Presidency slapping an interviewer five at the end of the segment.

suddenlyshida said...

but my question is this...did anyone ever ask W if HE listened to hip hop? this is some bullshit...

i'm playin.

i'm so crazy over the moon happy about our president. and he likes "the old school" dare i say, the hits n dusties? awww barack.

art and our responsibility/opportunity to make an informed impact on the people we're arting at and with... whole nother convo.

ya'll (all of interwebs) can come 2 my house for chatz. bring snacks.