23 October 2008


Um...the 'get out and vote' thing is getting pret-ty creepy, folks. I got an email today from MoveOn.org, which is not unusual. What WAS unusual was the newsy video they'd sent me, a video which envisioned a world in which I, Dan Brennan, had NOT voted for Obama. Check the freaky screenshot:

Points for originality and ominous overtones. Did anyone else get a video like this? I'll forward you the whole video if you want to see how weird this shit is...email the PrnkstrDice address on the masthead to the right.

Even though they're obviously just inserting every member's name into the template to create the fake news/disappointment/outrage, the whole thing is a little over the top, even for an election year. How many interns do they have over there?

Is this what an election year is like in the future?

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HUH said...

I can't believe you're friends with Bill O'Reilly. I mean, really.