12 August 2008

Terrible Beer Review, France edition

There's something weird about being broke in a culture other than your own, especially a culture obsessed with wine. You begin to trick your mind into thinking that the budget beer you've been purchasing from the local One Euro Store is actually kind of good, like the whole Pabst Blue Ribbon phenom in the U.S.

Take '"33" Export' (pictured). Though tastes like stale aluminum, I've come to enjoy it and regularly look forward to its malty nastiness every time I take a long walk. What I find most troubling about the label is its odd use of quotations, as if it weren't really called 33, or as if it releases itself from some sort of legal liability by being tricky about its name. In addition, the inclusion of the 'Export' tag indicates that the beer is enjoyed internationally, something I initially doubted...

Until further investigation (or as was revealed to me by the illustrious BZIP)... I am delighted to learn that this beer is served in my hometown, New York Shitty. Therefore it IS internationally exported. Furthermore, it is exported by none other than skunk-slangers Heineken. Woot, woot.

Ok. Having gone through this edition of Terrible Beer Review, France Edition, I feel much, much, much better. Stay tuned for next week's edition, when I visit the bars in NYC that serve this can-flavored beverage.



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I read about that one place on FartSpa.