31 July 2008

Broken news....Sam Adato's Drum Shop DESTROYED

The terrorists have struck again...this time they flew an SUV into one of San Francisco's most venerable and essential institutions...Sam Adato's Drum Shop on 9th Street. The hijacked Ford Explorer careened off the street, smashing straight into the store and taking out numerous drum kits, as well as the entire cymbal section.

FORTUNATELY, Sam had not yet arrived to open the shop, and narrowly missed being assassinated by the forces of evil. Hopefully he'll be able to re-open soon...I f'n HATE going to Guitar Toilet to buy sticks and heads now that they're not allowed to cut you crazy deals anymore.


pinhead said...


audioangel said...

LOL @ pinhead. so true.

how bizarre!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's some John Cage shit right there.

Quel said...

I smell a Guitar Toilet-Terrorist-avant-garde-minimalist conspiracy.