26 May 2008

On Waffles (first in a series)

I was eating waffles with Zippy just now and he said, "Hey Dan, you're the Ambassador of Waffles...where did waffles come from?" I was stumped. The past of the waffle was shrouded in mystery. Using my brain, I went online and investigated the History Of Waffles. According to this, waffles originated in Europe during the Middle Ages. Wow! Waffles sure are old, but in a good way. In 1620, the Pilgrims were smart enough to bring waffles with them to the colonies, mostly because eating waffles gave them the strength to subjugate and destroy the native population.

"It smells like waffles. I don't know if bacon was involved or not, but it smells like waffles." That's what C-Dub said just now, when he walked up the stairs into the waffle-haze of our hallway.

Yes, yes it does.

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Quel said...

can part two of the series please be about Dutch Bambinos?