05 November 2007

Graeme Sinden

I love Monday. Why?
Because while most shlubs are filing off to a 9 to 5'er somewhere, being radiated on for 8 straight hours by nauseating fluorescent light bulbs and painfully trying to find one good reason not to slug their boss in the face, I sit at home in my pajamas sipping coffee...knowing that I have plenty of time to prepare another epic club set for the upcoming weekend.
As far as these sets are concerned, there's a good chance I'll throw in something by Sinden...

...because of tracks like this one.
It just happens to be Lady Sov that gets the treatment this time.

Lady Sovereign - Those Were The Days (Sinden remix)

Dude also does a lovely radio show on KISS every week.
Get on that here.
Sinden on KISS

Back to sipping my coffee...

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Dan B said...

DJ Cams represent, represent-zent...