23 November 2007

The Future, V7

With the NYT's David Brooks commenting on the present 'segmented society,' The New Yorker's Sasha Frere Jones proclaiming indie rock as white-as-ever, and DJ Spooky making an attempt to put Afro into electro, it makes me wonder, is marketing in music perpetuating a race/culture split in America? Or is taste in our culture splitting between the street and the college campus? Meanwhilst, by happenstance, I found a vid for The Cool Kids' Black Mags, which evokes street ghetto as well as retro-80's BMXing. Can DIY-style music marketing become a vehicle for social justice and equality? Or is it that our consumption-based culture is fueled primarily by niche marketing and a value placed upon purchasing power? The real cultural divide is in the money, mang. Before this turns into a Marxist diatribe, let me project that the future is getting beyond media-sponsored segregation, and getting with the underground get-together. Seen? Quellout.


theQuel said...

PS- By coincidence: Happy Buy Nothing Day.

cams said...

How DOPE are the Cool Kids?

Dan B said...

Happy "I'm-in-grad-school-and-my-brain-is-contemplating-hella-shit" Day