07 November 2007

Every time I feel like I'm accomplishing very little in life...

I look to my man Steve Aoki and feel even more depressed.

International superstar DJ, fashion mogul, founder of Dim Mak records, renowned party promoter, hipster icon, UC Santa Barbara graduate, and damn nice guy.

Dude's about to release his first official mix CD. Sucks that I have to wait until January to cop this.

Here's a taste of the heat: Steve Aoki - Pillowface sampler

As well as this: Goose - Bring It On

Three cheers for hipsters.


TheQuel said...

Is it worth mentioning that this dude is the heir to the Benihana fortune? Mmm, Benihana.

Dan B said...

I went to Benihana on Halloweeen. I was the only person (including the chef) who was not in costume...mostly because I hate Christmas.

cams said...

Hibachi. Delicious. Family fortunes. Delicious.