09 October 2007

Bums Are Futuristic, Too

So the other day I'm walking down 2nd St near Market and I see the crazy shopping-cart lady, with all her random crap sprawled on the sidewalk around her. This is normal. What was NOT normal was the fact that she had a freakin' IPOD. What the hell is a homeless woman doing with an iPod? This raises all sorts of questions:

Where did she get the iPod?

How does she charge it?

Don't you need a computer to put songs on an iPod?

Can anyone explain this further? Perhaps. Maybe there's a perfectly logical reason that a woman who is so destitute that she lives on the street posesses a high-tech luxury item, which requires other high-tech luxury items to even function.

Or not.


Lacey said...

Good point. The other day I saw a Nun listening to an ipod as well. I wanted to ask her what she was listening too, but I chickened out.

Anne said...

Though I can't explain the ipod, most homeless shelters and county mental health service centers have free access to computers during the day. And it's all about priorities....food, water, music.